Sunday, July 1, 2012

Headlight Bucket Crack repair

So a while back, I was detailing parts and I took these pics of my headlight bucket that I was trying to repair.  I saw patch kits online but found this product called HTS-2000 and it is sort of pricy for a pack of rods, but I figured it's cheaper than buy a new bucket.

You have to build a trough out of steel metal to hold the molten aluminum.  It's very tricky but once you practice a bit, you can figure it out.  And the metal melts down hill so it took me a few tries to get it right.  It was only a crack I thought I could fix but after the heat, it turned to mush.  So I built the trough and clamped it down.  Heat it very slow and take your time.  It's not like plumbing / soldering copper pipes which is easier than this.

This angle worked best.  Flow it on.

Took the casting / trough off.

Cleaned up and drilled the hole.  Stronger than the original.  So they say.


  1. Wow! So you basically remade your tab out of molten aluminum? That's awesome! You went way above and beyond on this. Nice work.

    1. Thanks Alex! Those aluminum repair sticks worked great once I got the hang of it.