Sunday, September 12, 2010

Body work,and more a fixin's

It's been months since I wrote anything on my blog but it doesn't mean I haven't been working on the Stang.  Actually I got a new job and I have been very busy during the day.   But at night I work on the Stang a couple of hours every night.  One of my biggest problem has always been my welder.  It was a nice wire-feed flux core which worked great on thick metal.  But the thin stuff is no match for it and I really needed a Mig welder.  Eastwood had recently came out with a group of welders just for folks like me.  So I got the MIG 135.  Side note.  Argon gas canisters are about $200 for just the cylinder and then you get to trade in the old one for a new one.  I opted for the smaller tank but I should have gotten the larger one because I go through a tank about once a week.  This welder is one huge improvement and I can work on the thin stuff without burning holes.


Again with the quarter panels.  The inside panel and out side panel was not matched up properly and there was a lot of body filler in this area.  I had to pull the dent out with a dent puller, weld it up, clean it up and smooth it out.

I got to use my new welder!  Yeah!

Much better.

Inside the trunk.  This shelf was a real mess.  I replaced the trunk support and didn't replace the shelf.   It didn't look right so I cut it out and replaced it.

Patch panel.  There is the old flux core welder on the floor.  

Welding patch in place.  I'm still cleaning up this part.  Pics to come on next blog.

More to working on the Passenger side.  You can see the small Argon tank I got.  The guys at the tractor supply place where I get my exchange said I can upgrade to the larger tank.

A while back I took the trunk lid off and decided to detail the hardware.

In the media blaster tank.  

Here it is cleaned up and packed away.

Sorry for the delay in sending an update.  More to come.