Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nice rear... ahh quarter panel!

In a previous pic I had to adjust the end of the rear quarter panels because they were hung too high in the back.  They used body filler(bondo) to try to make it look right but when you closed the trunk, it was obvious something was wrong.  Since I'm going to paint the car anyway, I might as well do everything I can to fix those problems.

I removed all the old bondo drilled out the welds, realigned the panel, welded, and cleaned up the welds and smooth out the imperfections.

End cap in place for proper fit. The edge toward the trunk looks ugly but after hours of research, that is how it was.  Once finished with the primer, I'll lay down some seam sealer in that area like I found in my research.

It looks 100% better than when I saw it the first time.  They had bondo'ed the end cap to the quarter panel.

Primer.  I'll let that dry.  Add another coat, then sand with 600 grit and spray with a little turquoise to see how it looks.