Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lassie! Where's Timmy? Stuck in the Top Well again?

While I am repairing panels and detailing parts, I began working in the convertible top well area.  I cleaned up and removed the old seam sealer and prep the area for primer.

I cleaned it up with a wire wheel brush on a drill.  One small section had some surface rust.  Painted that area with POR15.


Let it dry.

Apply a little seam sealer on the edge of the panels.  I found some black cloth tape in this area on the edge of the panels when I was cleaning it up with a wire-wheel.  I'll research this tape more.  I know it was used to hold down wiring and I found it used to block off a large oval hole by the top frame and rear quarter window.

A little on the teeth :-)

Let it set up.

A little paint.  

Take the rag top off next. I should have done it before this clean up. I'll post that next.