Monday, January 9, 2012

The Doors Part 1

I brought the passenger door up from the basement storage and started to appraise the quality of the door.  It didn't look all that good after I started to "dig in".  The whole bottom of the door was rusted out and they covered it up with metal tape, bondo, and paint.  Yay!  So I dug into my change collection and looked for a sale.  A holiday sale!  I waited and sure enough if you sign up on every Mustang parts website, you will get the sale.  I figured I would save about 11% and they had free shipping.  Then as I read more I found out if I bought 2 doors, I'd save even more because they had a buy two doors deal and the 11% savings and free shipping! So I went to look at the other door in the basement, yep, I needed two doors.  The next thing that went through my head was, Okay, great deal but who makes the doors?  Will it have that texture on the inside of the door like the original?  More research showed it was a Dynacorn door.  The most respected in the business.  So I bought two new doors 11% off, deal on buying two doors and free shipping.  Got a phone call the next day from the parts place and they told me they didn't have any in stock and it would be a month before they get anymore.  Okay, I'll wait.  I've been waiting for years anyway.  Next day I got an email saying they shipped.  What?  Not in stock yet they shipped the next day?  I guess they figured I found a crack in the system and wanted to see if I would say never mind, I'll get them somewhere else.

So here is the pics!

 Beginning the process of taking the "inners" out of the door.

 You can sort of see the rust from the inside.

I'm going to need all the inside parts, so I'll remove them and detail them.

 New door!  Yay!

Two new doors!  Yay!